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Een serious sexual education book (***** quality Dutch national news paper ‘Volkskrant’) for children and other people with a sense of humor.

Doctor Corrie answers children’s questions about sexuality, puberty and relationships. Except for the ‘technical’ explanation you get at biologie, this book also covers feelings, insecurities, how to handle the media and digital culture, setting boundries and other subjects you really want to know about and need when you are hitting puberty soon.

In this book children are taken very seriously and parents are disciplined.

Written by: Niki Padidar

Design: Esther de Boer

Publisher: De Harmonie

icw ntr & Rutgers

Doctor Corrie: Martine Sandifort

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With tools to look critically

 With tips on how to handle parents

With drawing lessons and  Do’s & Don’ts

With tests

With explanation about body parts

With a realistic image of the body

With room for diversity

Met how to handle love

And heartbrake

With wat is and isn’t ‘normal’ during puberty

With explanation about babies

And with a lot more

With a second (math) cover